Mobile Apps Management

Have full control of your business tasks with one solution you can access anywhere any time.

Global Sensor Hadware

Consultants work closely with you to understand your unique business processes and business drivers.

International High Tech Projects

Invest in international high tech projects developed in Mexico to maximize your returns over investment.

Embedded Software

We have the expertise and creativity to design a custom solution to create efficiences in your business.


Wireless communication is used everywhere. We use wireless communications in our mobile phones that are connected to wireless routers. We use wireless gadgets like speakers or headphones that are connected to our computer or smartphone. In Brain Fusion we can design systems using the most modern wireless communication protocols for example WIFI, Bluetooth or Zigbee. We help you choose the best protocol for your application; we can even create a proprietary wireless communication protocol which suits your requirements.

One of the biggest challenges that embedded systems face is the strict requirements in the product’s size. Every time the expected size goes smaller and smaller, making those old battery solutions not viable any more. In Brain Fusion we recommend to use micro batteries that fulfill the temperature, size and power demands for the new generation of embedded systems.

Smartphones have become the most important electronic equipment that most people have. In Brain Fusion we understand the simplicity and convenience of having your business management in the palm or your hand. This is why we create mobile apps with the goal of giving you the full picture of your business. We create personalized mobile apps solutions that give you control and a full picture of your wireless network.

In Brain Fusion we have expertise in choosing the right components and the correct design to assure your products success. We have experience with antenna design, power management, power reduction techniques, CAD design, miniaturization and more. Our embedded hardware engineers can meet the most demanding requirements for your product’s success.

We have knowledge in different types of energy harvesting. Your product can obtain energy from different sources, like for example motion, light, sound, heat difference, vibrations and pressure. The idea of energy harvesting is to ensure the sensors power lifetime without the need of replacing a battery.

There is not a great solution without a great interface! In Brain Fusion we put attention to the smallest details and we believe in good design and a great user experience, this is why we put so much effort in giving our costumers simple friendly interfaces where they can have control over their business. We provide web and native mobile interfaces for Android and iOs.

We combine all our knowledge and all our experience to give you the best solution. We combine the correct hardware with the correct software to give you high technology solutions that will give you a full picture of your business and allow you to focus in the real problems. Using high tech solutions will allow you to have an unfair advantage that will leave your competitors behind. Come and tell us your needs, we give you the solution!

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