Our Mission

We challenge the limit of what is possible. Our goal is to create efficiency and certainty in every activity providing a futuristic approach to our life’s routine. In order for you to provide quality time for activities that really matters.

Our Values


Our Vision

Creating evolution through technology and surpassing the common solutions. Positioning Mexico as one of the most important suppliers in Latin America of software and hardware development in the sensors industry.



After 8 years of research in Sweden, Master Javier Dávila founder of BRAIN FUSION decided to bet on Mexico and start developing the sensors technology industry in his country.

On 2010, BRAIN FUSION is founded with the only purpose of impulsing and promoting the Mexican talent and creativity within the sensing technology development in Mexico.


Disruptive solutions personalized products.
Diverse Know How.
International Network
Strategic Position (Exp & Imp treaties)
Swedish innovation methodology